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How to Make Concrete Blocks in Minecraft


Make Minecraft Concrete may be a bright building block that’s vibrant like wool, but not flammable, unlike wool. Concrete is an awesome block to form creative builds with! But, how does one make it? to form concrete, you’ve got to craft concrete powder, first!

Example of concrete blocks lined up.

1. Materials Needed
2. 4 sand blocks.
3. 4 gravel blocks.
5. 1 dye of your choosing.
Concrete Powder Crafting Recipe

Crafting recipe for concrete powder

Turning Concrete Powder into Concrete

Concrete powder must are available contact with a body of water. The water can’t be from rain, cauldrons, or water bottles.

2. Concrete powder outside of water, and concrete in water

Once you place the concrete powder in water, it’ll instantly address concrete! this may make the block look much less grainy and have a brighter color.

Concrete Powder Physics

Concrete powder behaves like sand and gravel, once you place it on a surface that doesn’t have a block underneath it, the concrete powder will fall. take care when building with concrete powder!

Regular concrete is harder, so it’ll stay put!

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