The most common problem for girls is how to lose weight on their hands. Men usually have no problems with their hands, but fragile creatures have to work hard to achieve the desired result because the skin on their hands is bad, thin, and often dropping, and excessive weight does not want to leave. People ask how to lose weight on hands and fingers here, is the detailed description to lose weight on hands and fingers by exercise.

Why don’t your hands weigh?

In most people, body structure, skin’s tendency to fullness, and elasticity are genetically set, so some use the most effort, while in others, everything happens on its own.

It hurts that there doesn’t seem to be overweight, but the hands look fat and soft. The female hands of the female structure are difficult enough to form the right outline, but this is not a cause for despair. If you approach the problem comprehensively and permanently, the result will not belong incoming!

Basic rules and recommendations


Rule number 1 and very important! Consistency and a positive approach to the problem will lead you to get rid of it. Therefore, classes should be four or five times a week. It is desirable that one of them be connected to the cardiovascular system (running, skipping rope, aerobics, or dancing to fast music).

Rule No 2- Of the same meaning: compulsory warm-up for 10 to 15 minutes and at the end of the stretching of the muscles and tendons (stretching).

Rule No. 3- (it should be straight), the position of the shoulders (they should not rise above the head), and the head – it should not sink to the shoulders or stay down. The snake continues continuously up the axis around the crown and ( yes, it is the answer of how to lose weight without losing boobs this posture gives you the right shape for other body parts too.

Rule number 4-  All movements – with or without weight, are performed at a slow rhythm for 2-4 seconds in one stroke. Hands up or sideways hands are performed by inhaling, lowering, or folding – exhale.

Rule number 5-  Increase your regular load, especially if the exercises are given easily.

Some girls lose their weight somehow hard, so they need to use the extra weight to increase the intensity of the exposure as well as improve the duration of the sets.

Exercises with emphasis

How to lose weight fast in the hands of girls? Of course with the help of extra weights. We choose dumbbells weighing 2-3 kg, large only for those who want to add muscle. If you’ve never done weight before, you can use half a pound at first.

Sitting or standing on a fixed fireplace, lower your arms down and slowly lift straight forward and up to your shoulder. At the same time, when raising, the brush rises, and when it lowers, it looks down. 15-25 times per approach.

  • Tilt your body 45 degrees to the floor (prefer to bend your knees slightly), pull your arms as long as possible, secure it, remove your shoulders and bend your hand by holding the brush laterally against the body. It is important to make sure that your elbow does not change position – keep it raised permanently and only work with the fold. Do it 20-25 times.
  • Straight hands eventually lift up and down through the sides. 15 times by holding your palm up and as much as your palm down.
  • Lie on a bench or on the floor, spread your arms apart without touching the floor and bend beside him, keeping your elbows in one row. Repeat 15-25 times. 

And what exercises to lose weight if there are no dumbbells? (confusing know!!)

Exercises without weightlifting

If Arsenal doesn’t have dumbbells, then how can your hands lose weight fast at home? Their powerful body weights get help, which doesn’t get any worse.

  • Weightlifting is different enough – simple and effective. Only if you think that when the scope of the girl’s shoulder is nothing, you should not get involved with a wide grip, a better brush set near the upper body (feel the touch of your hands in the body), and bend your elbows straight back. In this position, well-functioning triceps and shoulder delta. If you can not do push-ups, straight legs – you can put on your knees on the floor. You can do so many times so that this was the greatest force on the edge possible.


  • You can push yourself off a chair or table, turn your back on him, and point your hand forward with your fingers.      Bend                  your legs, bend your arms and straighten again, use your hands (but not your legs) with force. 
  • Lots of rave reviews about the girls, such as losing weight in the hand, exercises in the callanetics system: straightening your hands to the sides and maximizing the strain. Stir the amplitude up and down, back and forth (turns about 20-25 cm) while keeping your hands tightly tense. Try to make at least 100 such punches (50 for each option) without dropping your hand. 
  • From the squat position, jump back to the post office and move to the starting position. If you weigh more than 70 kg, it is better not to jump, but step off so that the weight load on your body joints does not go too high. 15-25 times.

Static loads are one of the most efficient

For girls, the most effective way to lose weight in their hands without extra movement is, of course, posing with a bar.

Queen of all static positions with more 20 options. At the same time, a pleasant bonus in the quality of tightened thighs, buttocks, and compresses will accelerate in subsequent workouts. The main condition – the correct position of the spine: it must be stretched and without bending, it is desirable to guide the elbows back. And try to keep at least a minute, gradually increasing the time to three.

All known “bridges” are also very good for the shoulder belt. Try to hold the drive for at least 3 sets for 30 seconds.

Another great way for a girl to lose weight with her hands and shoulders – move your arms to reach your elbow and hold it without bending or lowering it for 3-5 minutes, the next minute just by twisting your shoulder forward or backward. There are options – hands in front, and it is possible and parties. It is recommended to use all varieties for more detailed studies of small muscles.

The stretch tape stretches

What is needed to lose weight faster? Of course, deep stretching of muscle fibers and tendons. Why is it so important? In the area of ​​the shoulders of humans are clusters of lymph nodes and the lymphatic system responsible for cleansing the body and metabolism, and therefore the proper functioning of the entire body. If the muscles are compressed and have chronic hypertension – the lymph nodes are compressed and cannot function properly, it breaks down the outflow of lymphoid tissues, and there is swelling, blood stasis, and eventually going slag. Where the slag – is excess weight. For this reason, don’t forget your hand muscles regularly.

Turn the finger lock from behind, holding your hands up with your hand up and the other down. If you can’t combine your hands – you can use towels or a belt.

  • Lock the wrist lock back from your straight arms and lifting forward, pull your hand through the floor.
  • Pull your hands locked in front of the lock and twist your back to feel the tension between the blades.
  • Put your right palm on the left shoulder blade and push your elbow yourself, keeping your upper arm flat side by side.
  • Pull your straight hands up, connect your fingers, and gently pull the middle of your body and arms to the side

The importance of healthy food

How to lose weight in the hands of girls without the right to power? Yes, nothing. Only one measure of the desired result can hardly be achieved by eating pancakes and washing with Cola. Food should contain an increased percentage of fiber for active bowel work and a sufficient amount of protein for the desired muscle use. On the contrary, we try to minimize carbohydrates – then the weight drops because, as you know, he leaves the last one in his hands. Smoking, alcohol, and preservatives! Avoid foods that contain large amounts of sugar, salt, and gluten.

Additional measures to help

Abrasive skin needs more effect: You can use heat effects, massage problems and creams with cellulite. Also, if you can go to the pool – it is better to use it, because swimming is suitable not only for the tone of the hands but also for the whole body.

As you can see, it is quite impossible for girls to lose weight, but the most important thing is to do a little effort, patience, and willpower. Wearing thin straps, you see – it’s worth it, isn’t it?

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