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Flodesk vs Mailchimp which one is good for your Business (Mailchimp vs Flodesk)

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Recently we have seen that people are searching for the best email Marketing tools like Flodesk vs Mailchimp and Mailchimp vs Flodesk so we are here with the solution and will tell you which one has the capabilities to grow your business rapidly. So, stay tuned with this article to know the right marketing tool for your business.

Many email marketing tools exist in the market but there is one new player in the marketing world called Flodesk. If you have already run a creative business then you might have seen that Flodesk email land in your inbox.

Here, in this article, we will review the advantages and disadvantages for Mailchimp compared to Flodesk and will provide some steps and guidelines on how to select the right thing for your business.


Mailchimp is one of the most famous and well known tools for email marketing in the market. Mailchimp has clear software with many surprising features, so it has the most utilization among people in the market for email marketing.

We personally use Mailchimp for our business because of its clean interface and advanced features for email marketing things. By the way, we are not excerpts of using Mailchimp but we can give you genuine pros and cons about it from our experience.

We have also used Flodesk and after one and a half years of using it, we gave Flodesk an honest review and will share with you everything about switching Mailchimp to Flodesk in other words Flodesk vs Mailchimp which has more opportunities for your marketing efforts.

Pros or advantages of using Mailchimp:

Every small business can afford it.
Facility of integration with WordPress and Woocommerce
3rd Party integration for automating your emails and other many things.
More advanced options for websites, postcards and landing pages, and more.
Very simple for analytics and tracking campaigns.

Cons or disadvantage of using Mailchimp

Heavy form builder.
Awful embedded form options.
Need to improve the appearance of forms and emails.
Need to make it a more friendly user, complicated for average users.

Complicated backend system which requires advanced knowledge to operate it.
Need to improve its design option, graphics option, and web options for email campaigns.


Flodesk is a very new participant in the email marketing world but it has an impact on this area with a huge splash with a great intuitive user interface. Due to Flodesk, you can create beautiful email programs and campaigns very easily.

We do not use Flodesk for our business marketing purpose mostly but we have already interacted with most of its features for our client’s demands.

In Flodesk we have tested the entire system with Flodesk and we have already used Flodesk to create Templates, workflows, and email marketing campaigns, and even in Shopify integration.

We have moved to Flodesk and one and A half years using it, we gave Flodesk an honest review and will tell you everything you want to know about switching from Mailchimp to Flodesk or Mailchimp vs. Flodesk

Prose and advantages of using Flodesk

1 Smooth email designs are easy to make.
Exclusive fonts and style options for your work.
Better automation flows with the software.
Very interactive platform and user-friendly.
Better in designs and Graphics for email templates and forms.
Free trial for every new user.
Simple Drag and drop system for Forms and an email builder.
Brand type Preferences (present brand colors, designs, and styles)
Integration with Shopify
Pocket friendly for more subscribers (doesn’t charge for more subscribers)

Cons and disadvantages of using Flodesk

Limited integrative with other 3rd parties (Planning to change but no announcements)
Provide Creative templates for your industry.
Direct integration is not available with Woocommerce or other 3rd party plugins (already said)
Shopify segmentation is limited, unable to segment the type of Shopify customer (You cannot send unique email sequence for specific customers which deal only in one niche to purchase specific items)
Here are the results, so which email marketing platform should you choose?

When choosing the best Marketing email tool for your business Please consider these questions to guide and make decisions. (Yes, we have also added our recommendation for your selection in these questions bases on our experiences)

What type of website platform are you using?

Do you have any kind of current 3rd party integration?

Do you have any existing email marketing providers?

Are you a techy guy (what level of tech expertise do you have?)

What type of email marketing campaign do you prefer for your business?

Do you want your email marketing campaigns to be automated?

Features you like most in email marketing software?

Flodesk “You should try out this hot eye candy”

If you are a beginner to email marketing and not planning to use a Woocommerce site and you want a simple site platform then choose Flodesk (yes, you read it right). Flodesk is very suitable for a beginner-level person; it does not require tech-related knowledge because of its drag and drop system. It allows you to shape your creative templates and ideas for your marketing purposes to achieve extraordinary results.

If you are looking forward to grabbing the best email marketing tool for you choose Flodesk on a free trial so you can see all the features by yourself OR even get 50% off your Flodesk subscription today.

Please note, this is an affiliate link. We only recommend those tools and services which we have already tried personally.

Mailchimp “ Giant of the market but secretly hate”

Mail chimp is good but honestly, you will give a thumbs down. Why might you ask this?

Mailchimp is complicated, it can be frustrating for you to use, and it takes some serious techy knowledge to operate it but on the other hand, Mailchimp is the best and reliable tool for email marketing available in the market.

Because of being a large and long-standing player, Mailchimp will allow integrating with so many 3rd parties depending on your business needs.Due to its integrating feature with 3rd parties, you will not find any issue integrating your 3rd parties sites.

If you use and manage Woocommerce and WordPress sites for your business it might be a good choice for you because it has the feature of the automation process for other 3rd parties like woo-commerce and WordPress.

Flodesk is planning to introduce its 3rd party integration but the announcement is delayed. In case you need to integrate your 3rd party service Mailchimp has the solution for you.

Extra clear about our recommendation (Your Doubt killer)

Our recommendations are for small businesses having an email audience of fewer than 1000 subscribers. For this business, the most important thing is to engage and connect with their audience. Businesses that would fit in these categories like photographers, rentals, wedding planners, videographers, and other service-based businesses. (yes, I was talking about FLodesk)

This recommendation is not for Big businesses and corporations with advanced email marketing needs for that no doubt you can land on the Mailchimp world to execute your advanced marketing tactics.

Conclusion (especially if you have skipped the above part)

We love and recommend Flodesk over Mailchimp if you have small business-like service-based businesses but if you need advanced integrations for your WordPress or Woocommerce Mailchimp has the power to build up your desired marketing things or is simply the better option for your business.

Please don’t be confused (if you are). Both the platforms offer free trials and have their unique utilizations offering in the email marketing world, you can check out by yourself signing up to both platforms and see which one you love the most.

Please note that Mailchimp and Flodesk are not the only email marketing tool providers in the market, many other tools are also racing to become a legend in the email marketing world. Our recommendation will help you to choose the better and trustable source for better building for your businesses.

Hope you have already found the solution for your business regarding email marketing tools and other marketing stuff. Also hoping that at this point you have acquired some clarification about Mailchimp vs. Flodesk or Flodesk vs. Mailchimp. Comment if you feel it works for you and share this blog with all your known personalities who lie in this situation (exploring the best email marketing tool).

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