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Easy 10 Minute Guide to create Custom DIY Boxes

Custom Cigar Box

If you are looking for a personalized gift idea or just want to make something yourself with your own two hands, then custom cigar boxes might be the answer! They can be used as gifts or practical storage containers. The cigar industry is a billion-dollar business, and the demand for custom boxes is growing. That means there’s an opportunity for you to make money by selling your own custom cigar boxes creations. This article will show you how to customize and create a DIY cigar box in only 10 minutes!

From the first time you see a cigar, it’s not difficult to tell they’re more than just tobacco. Roughly rolled in dried leaves and wrapped with a leaf of some kind or another, cigars come in various shapes as well as lengths; short ones that can be held comfortably between your fingers for half an hour to long-bodied versions meant for hours of smoking pleasure while reclining on couches.

What type of material you should use?

Cigar boxes are typically made out of cedar, but you can use other materials like oak or walnut. If choosing a lighter wood, there is less risk that the box will crack due to humid conditions, and it also doesn’t retain as much tobacco scent, so it’s better for storing non-cigar items.

Wooden cigar boxes can be bought pre-made at various stores, or you can buy the raw materials and make your own. The easiest way to start is by making custom cigar tubes, cylindrical pieces made out of wood that fit snugly around cigars (you just need a saw). These come in many different sizes, so you have options for how much tobacco each one holds. You’ll also need some kind of glue though tite bond II works best for this purpose, and some sandpaper if desired.

The next step would be creating an assembled box using two slats from either cedar or oak as the front and back panels with rounded edges on both ends.

What tools you should have on hand:

The only tool required to create a custom cigar box is a power drill with assorted cutting bits. It’s best to start with an extra tiny bit to make holes in the lid and bottom panels, which won’t be seen from outside, then move up through larger sizes until reaching your desired size hole (usually around ¼”).

How to protect cigar boxes:

1. Cellophane protection

The best way to protect your cigar is with a cigar case. Cigars often get wet and can become soggy if they are not covered in some form of packaging while you take them on the go. With this handy protection, you will be able to have an enjoyable smoke no matter where it’s needed – from class or work, even when there isn’t any time for that much-needed break!

2. Aluminum protection

Aluminum foils are used in cigars to keep them dry, and the foil is then placed inside a cardboard box. These boxes can be more expensive than regular ones because they’re believed to be more refined–which may not seem like much, but it’s essential for when you want your cigar found fresh! Make sure that before using this type of box, you moisten the aluminum with water so that air particles stay off the menu.

Why not you try random boxes

Cigars are packed in cardboard boxes that can be personalized and reused. Cedar is an expensive material, so this change to the conventional packaging for cigar enthusiasts has more advantages than disadvantages. These inexpensive items have various designs with various shapes like circles or rectangles; they’re also easy to customize by adding paper on top of them before you seal them at home! The best part about using these packing materials over cedar? Once your cigars are gone, all you need do is recycle the box – just don’t forget those pesky staples first!

We can use Cigar boxes for other causes.

This is a great way to save money while still having unique packaging for your event! You’ll have access to all of these supplies at any local craft store, and with these easy instructions, you can make custom cigar boxes quickly without making mistakes – or spending too much time in the process. I hope that after reading this article, you will be able to create some custom cigar boxes that are just perfect for you and your needs!

The best thing about these cigar boxes is that they can be used for other causes like storing cards, etc. These clever and reusable cigar box designs are constructed of high-quality materials for lasting sturdiness, which means they’re great to use as a DIY craft project at home! Our designers will help transform your unique ideas into reality by creating custom packaging just for you – all with the added advantage of cost-effective pricing on our premium products.

What’s more, we also offer professional printing services, so customers don’t have to do any additional work or worry about making mistakes during mass production runs; it’s our responsibility from start to finish!

We want to create personalized cigar boxes for their customers in the form of a DIY project. Here’s how it works: Customers can purchase any custom size or depth box we sell and then fill it with their own choice of goodies like cards, jewelry, candy, trinkets – whatever they would like! The process is as easy as choosing your favorite style on our website and ordering online— from here. You’ll get an order number that will allow you to either come into the store or give us a call so one of our talented designers can help transform your unique ideas into reality by creating custom packaging just for you.


If you’re looking for a way to give your cigar box gifts an even more personal touch, this guide will show you how easy it is! We hope you like the article regarding the steps of creating custom DIY boxes in 10 minutes or less. The first step is identifying what type of material you would like to use, and we recommend using paperboard because, as one of our customers said, “it’s durable enough but still lightweight.” Next, make sure that you have all the tools on hand, such as scissors, a ruler, hole punch, and a glue stick. To protect your cigar box gift from getting damaged during shipping, we suggest covering it with tissue paper before adding any embellishments. Lastly, don’t forget about decorating options!

If you want even more customization options for your cigar box project, visit the Stampa Prints website today! We have all the materials needed to create custom cigar boxes that will work perfectly with whatever event or celebration you are hosting this holiday season or year-round!

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