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3 Simple Ways to Plan Solo Adventure Trip


Are you someone who is been planning to go on a solo trip for a long time or are you someone who had a horrible experience when doing a solo trip well this blog is for you let’s get started

Today we are talking about 5 important tips to know before going on solo travel :


Safety is one of the biggest concerns of people before going on a solo trip what you can do is carry a small stick or a small knife that you can use for the defense what people usually do is carry a selfie stick that is easily foldable and you can keep it in a backpack.

The second tip is to avoid drinking alcohol what happens is if you are intoxicated you are never sure to adapt to the surrounding and you can never make sure that you are safe or not in case you end up drinking alcohol or going to parties in the evening or at night instead of walking those few blocks take a cab obviously use to end up spending extra money it will help you make sure you are safe.

While traveling in the metro or in crowded markets it’s better to keep your backpack in front of your chest. This helps you in keeping an eye on all the stuff that you are carrying also it helps you move around easily incredible places.

The next tip does not be a target what I mean by that is instead of walking around with your phone and the map in your hand like you have no idea where you are going act confident act like you know the place,hide your cash in multiple pockets something is stolen or lost you still have that extra cash that you can use for traveling or going back home.

The next steps are to write down your contact details, blood group, address, emergency contact details on all cards and put them inside your wallet or backup. This will help you in case something is lost or you end up in an accident. The last tip in safety is to listen to your gut feeling because most of the time that feeling is telling you that something is wrong and it should avoid doing that thing

Stay and food

For the stay I would recommend going for hostels, home stays or couch surfing but hostels are pretty great if you want to meet new travelers and they will also help you save you in saving a lot of money homestays and couch surfing is great if you want to experience the local culture and stay with the locals plus the best thing is in case they like you they will end up telling you about those secrets places and unique points to visit not also they will help you in understanding about the local cuisines for food I will recommend asking around the locals that are in getting to know about those different cafes and also explore locations also what you can do is try locals cuisines since you are moving out of comfort zone it is better to try new things.


For transportation, I recommend using public transport instead of taking the cabs it is pretty cheap and they provide amazing connectivity.

Miscellaneous Tip

It is important to plan your trip before going. What you can do is read as many blogs as possible. This also helps you in understanding the rules and practises of any new place what you should always do is read about those rules beliefs religious practices of any new place you are visiting this will help you in getting to mingle with the locals also what you can do is the read abouts specific poitere that these blogs have like in case your travels to the mountains you should all know about basics.

How to avoid it and how to cure it in case you get mess the next step is carry extra cash you never know when you end up changing your plans and going for a certain activity did not ever intended to do what I usually do is carry 25% extra cash on all my travels the next steps is bargain.

Bargain much as you can most of the time these touristy location pretty costly and you will be surprised for how much you can save by bargaining well my last advice for you before you go on your solo adventure is it as many photos as you can write as much as you can these solo trips are a way of getting to know about your experience in yourself exploring your beliefs and enjoy just work there and enjoy do whatever you want to do do not think about what people will think just you out of your comfort zone and enjoy.

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